sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2009

Sengue Dzong or "Fortress of the Lion"

Published in December issue of Panorama magazine:

Ana Carla tells us that in 2000, a Buddhist devotee invited master Rinpoche to spend a few days in the countryside in the Department of Minas, Uruguay. One night, Rinpoche had a vision in which he sensed that all the beings in the area had waited for him for a long time. Since Rinpoche possessed the gift of farsightedness, he decided to purchase 1483 acres of land and build the only Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist retreat in Latin America: Sengue Dzong, which means “Fortress of the Lion.”

Sengue Dzong o "La Fortaleza del León"

Artículo publicado en Panorama de Diciembre: